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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Amazing Stories

It's easy to feel irrelevant in a busy world. As Christians we long to promote God's kingdom, but between diapers, or a long commute, or just getting through the work day, it's difficult to imagine what one can do.

Caroline Barnett's book is a reminder that even a single person can make a difference. Her book is filled with inspiring stories from hers and her husband's "Dream Center" in Los Angeles, a comprehensive outreach to the homeless and poor in LA and now in NYC as well, that emphasizes finding God's love and purpose along with food, shelter, and job training.

Her message is that you must look for any opportunities, no matter how small, and pursue them. Find your "trigger point," something that touches you so deeply that you feel you must step out to do something.

This book is inspiring. My only criticism is that similarly to her husband Matthew Barnett's book The Cause Within, I missed having practical teaching on the subject of "stepping out." No matter how fervent the prayers, God usually requires some planning for the person to take advantage of presented opportunities. Still, this book is inspiring as it describes an amazing ministry.

I am grateful to Tyndale House for providing this free review copy in exchange for my unbiased opinion. Thank you Tyndale for letting me read this.

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