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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Karen Kenny Testifies before Congress on how IRS Targeted her Group

Karen Kenny gave a powerful testimony before Congress on Tuesday June 4 2013, not only explaining how her group was targeted, but also letting Congress know what this was really about:

This dialogue is about the jackboot of tyranny on the field of our founding documents. To whisper the letters I.R.S. strikes a shrill note on Main Street USA. But when this behemoth tramples upon America’s grassroots, few hear the snapping sounds.

Watch the video for an illuminating and articulate presentation.

 from http://therightscoop.com/this-is-about-the-jackboot-of-tyranny-karen-kennys-powerful-testimony-on-how-irs-targeted-her-group/


  1. Any group, liberal or conservative, who seeks 501(c)(4) status for tax-exemption is to conduct their affairs free of any political machinations, and espousing political views, while legal and not prohibited by the IRS tax code, does disqualify such a group from being tax-exempt.

    Karen Kenny's group have the right to hold the views they do. They are not barred from receiving donations in any amount from anybody. Tea Party groups are usually based on their opposition to the government and it's policies. This makes them inherently political. When Ms. Kenny uses terms like "the jackboot of tyranny" she is absolutely being political. It is because of her views and those of her organization that she should NOT be granted 501(c)(4) status and they should follow the rules pertaining to any political organization that has to pay taxes based on their activities.

    This group has a voice. Ms. Kenny is using hers; the IRS is not quashing her 1st Amendment rights. I find it rather odd that Ms. Kenny's group and the other Tea Party organizations who are going on about persecution are seeking a government 'bailout' of sorts (tax-exemption). Given the current attitudes surrounding this issue, I have the strange feeling that her organization will somehow be granted a tax exemption after all is said and done, when there should be no way this is allowed.

    The IRS asked some stupid questions, but they are absolutely right and justified in scrutinizing these groups.

  2. Agreed. My problem is that, from the hearings, it seems clear that groups filing for tax-exempt status were given different treatment depending on what their views were. For example, having *Tea Party* or *Patriot* in their title seemed to slow the process, and also in some cases trigger IRS audits. On the other hand, Barack Obama's half-brother, Abon’go “Roy” Malik Obama, found that his organization, the Barack H. Obama Foundation, fast-tracked through the IRS for tax-exempt status in 30 days. Most of the *Tea Party* groups are still waiting after 2 years.