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Thursday, May 3, 2012


Philippe Croizon was 26 in 1994, married with one child and one on the way, and a steelworker. When he climbed the roof to fix a television antenna, standing on a metal ladder, a high voltage power line grounded through the ladder and sent him to the hospital in critical condition. There all four of his limbs were amputated.

In deep despair, he decided to swim using prosthetic legs with flippers attached. In 2010 he swam the English channel.

Now the Frenchman has decided, with his friend, to swim across a series of narrow waterways that separate one continent from another. They plan to accomplish this this summer, swimming between Papua New Guinea to Indonesia to link Australasia and Asia. Then they plan cross the Red Sea from Asia to Africa, the Strait of Gibraltar from Africa to Europe, and the Bering Strait linking Asia to America.

Crozier and his friend hope to start next week, and finish in the middle of August.

In 2006 Croizon wrote the book, J'ai décidé de vivre (I Decided to Live). Inspiring.

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